“I didn’t have anywhere to turn to and my union was giving me the runaround.  The Pension Rights Project helped me get my benefits increased and reduced the amount my Plan said I owed them.”

Mr. Scoles’ Story:

Gary Scoles worked for the Boilermakers’ Union for nearly 40 years.  He started drawing on his pension in 2000 and received his payments until they were stopped in 2005 due to him returning to work on a short term basis.

Mr. Scoles came to the UMPRP after struggling with the Boilermakers’ Union for nearly 3 years trying to get his pension benefits restarted.  The Boilermakers’ Union informed him that he had worked in prohibited employment, his benefits would be suspended indefinitely and he owed the Plan $75,000.

The UMPRP worked for over a year through the benefit claims process to attempt to get the benefits restarted. Ultimately, the UMPRP was able to reinstate Mr. Scoles’ benefits and have his repayment limited to 25% of his monthly benefit.  Today, Mr. Scoles receives a monthly benefit of $901.  Mr. Scoles believes that without help from the UMPRP he would not be receiving his benefits today.

Mr. Scoles is just one example of a client whose life was impacted by the work of the UMPRP.  If you have a retirement benefit related issue, question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.